Ball Candles
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Ball Candles- When Lit The Ball Candles Will Glow Through The Carvings. Glowing One Color Or Several. You Can Even Select Your Colors To Make Your Candle Match Your Decor. We Can Also Put A Written Or Picture Insert Under The Wax, When Lit, They Will Also Illuminate Like A Slide Through The Picture Or Writing. When Following Our Instruction Sheets The Ball Candles Will Burn A Well In The Center, To Be Refilled With A Clear Votive Or Tea Light. If You Do Not Like Following Instructions, We Can Prepare The Candle With An Oil Insert. This Prevents The Flame From Ever Touching The Wax.

Candy Cane Ball (CCBLG) Large- $27.99ea., (CCBSM) Small- $20.99ea.


Squiggle Ball- (SBALG) Large- $27.99ea., (SBASM) Small- $20.99ea.


Flower Ball- (FBALG) Large- $32.99ea., (FBASM) Small-25.99ea.


Dot Ball- (DBALG) Large- $32.99ea., (DBASM) Small-25.99ea.


Heart Ball- Colors Inserted (HBCILG) Large- $32.99ea., (HBCISM) Small- 25.99ea.


This Is A Sample Of A Heart Ball (HBCILG) Large- $32.99ea. Add $10.00 To This, For The Written Insert. ( When Lit, The Colored Hearts And The Written Heart Insert Will Glow Through !)


This Is A Sample Of A Large Flower Ball With A Picture Insert--Flower Ball (FBALG) Large- $32.99ea. Add $10.00 For Picture Insert. 


This Is A Sample Of A Large Ball With Paw Prints (PPBALG) Large- $32.99ea. Add $10.00 For The Picture Insert. (PPBASM) Small- $25.99ea. Add $10.00 For Picture Insert. Great For Animal Lovers.


Ocean Ball- This Can Go With Our Lighthouse Theme Candles. (OCBALG) Large- $32.99ea., (OCBASM) Small- $25.99ea. ( When Lit The Water Glows Around The Fish.)


Gingerbread Candy Cane Ball- (GBBALG) Large-$40.99ea., (GBBASM) Small-$33.99ea.         Snowman Candy Cane Ball- (SMBALG) Large-$40.99ea., (SMBASM) Small-$33.99ea.


See More Ball Candle Ideas Under Picture And Written Inserts.

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