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The Candle Carvers


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Please Allow Two Weeks for Delivery

*Prices are subject to change without notice.*If damage occurs please , notify your carrier immediately and retain your carton for their inspection.  If  there are separate addresses for candles to be shipped please put  information below.

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Scented Candles- Order Form


 "Heavenly Delights"       12oz.-$12.99    
 HD1- Apple
 HD2- Peppermint
 Hd3- Jessica's    Blue"BEAR"y
 HD4- Sugar Cookie
 HD5- Honeydew
 HD7- Frazier Fir
 HD8- Mulled Apple
 HD9- Mulberry
 HD10- Peaches n' Cream
 HD11- Honey Suckle
 HD13- Spice
 HD14- Vanilla
         Visit us at:

                    The Candle Carvers   

                     2720 Teaster Lane

              Pigeon Forge, Tennessee  37863

  (Located across the street from "Old Time Pottery"  and beside "Workshop Tools")

         To Place A Order Call (865)356-7022

              or Email us at:

The Candle Carvers  (865)356-7022

Order Form-Totals And Shipping Charges. 

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2.Call for Shipping and Handling Charges.  
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4.Add Sales Tax of 9.5% on Tennessee orders only.  
5. Total of all cost from above:   
 All candles that have inserts (pictures, wedding invitations, sayings of your choice) there will be a $10.00 Extra Charge. On all Inserts there are maximums on width and length. Please, call for assistance on these candles. Please, use this space for any additional information you think might be of help.

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