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"Heavenly Delights"- Scented Candles

When purchasing our Scented Candles. It will become very clear on why we call our scented candles, "Heavenly Delights". When lit, our candles will permeate your home with just the right amount of fragrance to only be described as a Heavenly Delight ! While our candle is burning and your family is enjoying the pleasant aroma, you can not help but to notice how evenly our wax melts down in the jar.  This took great time and effort to perfect our special blend of wax and fragrances. Our fragrances consist of: Apple, Gingerbread, Jessica's Blue"Bear"y, Sugar Cookie, Frazier Fir, Mulled Apple, Mulberry, Peaches n' Cream, Honeydew,  Spice, Vanilla, Gardenia, Rose 

Retail:  8oz.- $7.99 ea.   12 oz.-$12.99

Call (865)356-7022 or email us at: - To Place An Order !


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