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To create your own special color pattern all you have to do is pick out at least 2 colors and no more than 5 (3 is best).

Pick out the color you want it to glow ( the lighter the color the brighter the glow) and then the color on the outside.  All other colors will be strips of colors and the more you have the smaller the strips.

Please, send samples you might have for us to compare and to match.  Send wallpaper, paint samples, materials, yarn or any item that might help us to create your own personal candle.

If you are sending pictures, invitations or any other insert to be put inside of your candle.  Please, send at least 2 of these items.  This assures it will be to your liking.

If any questions just call us at: (865)365-7022 or email us at:

Here Are Some Color Patterns, Below, That May Meet Your Needs. Just Write The COLOR# On The (click here) Order Forms And We Will Make Your Candles According To The Color Pattern.

Color# Color Pattern-These are from the inside to the outside. Color# Color Pattern-These are from the inside to the outside.
 1.  Seafoam Green/ Peach  42.  Mauve/ Burgundy
 2.  Mauve/ Cream  43.  Mauve/ Burgundy/ Navy/ White
 3.  Peach/ Cream  44.  Green/ Gold/ Cream
 4.  Mauve/ White  45.  Black Pumpkin
 5.  White/ White  46.  Orange Pumpkin
 6.  Peach/ White  47.  White/ Blue
 7.  Candy Cane Red/ White  48.  New Christmas Stripe
 8.  Peach/ Aqua/ White  49.  Christmas White/ Green/ Red
 9.  White/ Light Blue/ Peach  50.  Christmas Red/ Green/ White
 10.  Teal/ Peach  51.  Christmas Green/ Red
 11.  Teal/ Mauve  52.  Mauve/ Forest/ White
 12.  Mauve/ Blue/ White  53.  Peach/ Forest/ White
 13.  Blue/ Peach/ White  54.  Mauve/ Forest/ Cream
 14.  White/ Lilac  55.  Peach/ Forest/ Cream
 15.  Cream/ White  56.  Mauve/ Country Blue
 16.  Light Blue/ White  57.  Mauve/ Lt. Blue/ Country Blue
 17.  White/ Forest  58.  Purple/ Green/ White
 18.  White/ Forest/ Forest  59.  Blue/ Mauve/ White
 19.  Blue/ Tri-Level  60.  White/ Navy/ Burgundy
 20.  White/ Navy/ Navy  61.  White/ Burgundy/ Navy
 21.  Yellow/ Navy  62.  White/ Navy/ Forest
 22.  White/ Navy  63.  White/ Forest/ Navy
 23.  Yellow/ Forest  64.  Mauve/ Teal/ Cream
 24.  Light Blue/ Rust/ Navy  65.  Mauve/ Aqua/ White
 25.  Purple/ Tri- Level  66.  Rainbow/ white
 26.  Mauve/ Navy  67.  Traditional Rainbow (r/o/y/g/b/p)
 27.  Mauve/ Lilac  68.  Blue Pastel
 28.  Royal Blue/ Black  69.  Mauve Pastel
 29.  Mauve/ Black  70.  Peach Pastel
 30.  Red/ Black  71.  Yellow Pastel
 31.  Light Blue/ Black  72.  Purple Pastel
 32.  Peach/ Black  73.  Green Pastel
 33.  White/ Black  74.  Teal Pastel
 34.  Teal/ Black  75.  Slate Blue/ Mauve
 35.  Purple/ Black  76.  Slate Blue/ Peach
 36.  Cream/ Burgundy/ Forest  77.  Mauve/ Mauve
 37.  Cream/ Forest/ Burgundy  78.  Peach/ Peach
 38.  White/ Forest/ Burgundy  79.  Flame/ White
 39.  White/ Burgundy/ Forest  80.  Flame/ Black
 40.  Santa Fe Southwest
 41.  Red/ Blue/ White

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