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       Your Wedding Day Is Coming Soon ! We can custom design your Unity Candle in traditional white or any other color you desire. We have many designs to choose from. Your names and date from the wedding can be put under the wax on the sides of the candle, creating a Life Long Remembrance of this Special Day! Your wedding invitation, special sayings, Bible verses and photos can also be done in the same fashion !



  Seven Inch Carved Candles---                                     This is a sample of a seven inch with a Picture Inserts.

  Bow (Item #7BO)---$27.99ea.                                  This cost an extra $10.00 above the $27.99 price for the

                                                                                          candle. Total $37.99ea.



Nine Inch Carved Candles---

 Bow (Item #9BO),

 Dbl. Bow (Item #9DB)       

 Dogwood (Item #9DO)---29.99ea.



     Larger Candles listed from left to right: 18" Dbl. Dogwood (Item #18DBDO), 12" Dogwood (Item #12DO), 12" Bow with hearts (Item #12BOH), 12"Bow Tapered (Item #129), 12"Dbl. Bow (Item #12DB), 18"Bow (Item #18BO)---Twelve Inch Candles $52.99ea., Eighteen Inch Candles $129.99ea. 







Twelve Inch Carved Candle--- Bow with hearts (Item#12BOH) pictured on left . If you do not want hearts we make the--- Bow with twist (Item#12BOT) pictured  on right. Both make a very elegant wedding candle ! Priced at $52.99ea.




Here are two samples of an eighteen inch candle with a written insert on the front. We can put your names and date of your wedding, your picture, wedding invitation or something special you would like to say. This can also be made in custom colors for your wedding. Click here for Picture And Written Inserts  or Custom Colors.

 The pair of 12" tapers on both sides of the 18" candle are priced at $14.99 a pair. Smaller sizes are available and custom colors as well.

 12" Taper pair (Item#12TAPER)---$14.99pr.  (Seen in picture to left)

 10" Taper pair (Item#10TAPER)---$12.99pr.

  8" Taper pair (Item#8TAPER)-----$10.99pr.

  6" Taper pair (Item#6TAPER)-----$8.99pr.                                                           


Quality workmanship is all you will find at "The Candle Carvers".     Call (865)356-7022,To place your order!  

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